Unexpected developments have emerged in Katy Perry's ongoing legal dispute with an elderly man over a $15 million home.

The Pop sensation and her husband, Orlando Bloom, are parties to a contentious legal dispute involving the sale of the legendary Carl Westcott's Montecito home.

The drama between the renowned couple and the 84-year-old in their most recent court case was cut short when a woman stormed in.

When the incident happened, an expert neurologist was testifying and responding to inquiries regarding Westcott's "cognitive capacity."

According to People, the unidentified woman barged into the courtroom as the doctor was giving his diagnosis.

A court clerk stopped her first effort to obstruct the court proceedings by pleading with her to remain calm and leave.

Andrew Thomas, Westcott's lawyer, was clearly affected by the woman's interruption and asked for deputies to be sent into the courtroom right away.

Fortunately, deputies arrived on time to remove her before the situation escalated