Nigeria Football: The Deliberate Disrespect of Anambra State FA by Patrick Ngwaogu and Co

Each year, Nigeria Sports journalists lament the seeming irresponsibility of the football administrators in the country which is usually characterized by lack of planning, inadequate funding and other queer decisions that seem to negate the progress of the beautiful game in the country

That was why when the news broke today of the illegal activity tagged “South East/South South Preseason Tournament” being hatched in Anambra State by the Abia Warriors Technical Director, Patrick Ngwaogu, a perceived football enthusiast from Abia State, which is deliberately aimed at disrupting the peace and tranquility in Anambra State, it generated anger among sports enthusiasts and stakeholders in Anambra State

Ngwaogu who claims to have donkey years experience in the game both as a journalist and an administrator, snuck into Anambra State to stage an illegal football tournament, invited professional and amateur clubs within and outside Anambra State to attend without communicating and obtaining the necessary permission from the Anambra State Football Association

This blatant disrespect and insult of Anambra State by Ngwaogu and his cronies, has resulted in the indefinite suspension of the illegality they call a tournament even as the FA has written them to explain themselves with the deadline set for Friday, I do hope the Anambra State FA takes a decisive stand against such crass and irresponsible behavior

While we may never know what gave Ngwaogu the impetus to leave his own State and FA, sneak into Anambra State and proceed to host an illegal tournament without proper documentation and authority, it is now clear that he is not in the best position to address himself as an element of change or of having a good moral compass in Nigeria football

This act is not just disgraceful but shameful and despicable, which should not be allowed to fly or treated with kids gloves

The Anambra State FA should fine the perpertruators of this illegality in order to dissuade such clandestine line of action within the jurisdiction of the FA in future

©Ugochukwu ‘Thanos’ Ifeanyi

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